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Dear Customers:
Welcome to Bork & Sons line of custom cinchas and supplies. Our cinchas come from a long tradition of using the finest materials and excellence in workmanship.

We specialize in cinchas with bronze buckles custom made in our own foundry using manganese bronze alloy for strength and corrosion resistance. We offer a full line of other ring styles and materials to meet your needs.

Our natural color cincha cord is 100% mohair 8 ply cord made in America. Mohair fiber offers an optimum combination of strength and softness ideal for the comfort of your horse. Mohair blend cord is available also - ask for pricing.

Terms and Conditions:
Payment: Net 30 days. Invoice sent when order is shipped.

Shipping: Normal shipping by UPS; small orders are sent parcel post or flat rate priority mailer; specify if you have a preference.

Guarantee: There is no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee. Our products are suitable for normal riding and use.

Returns: Unused goods can be returned within 30 days for refund or exchange.

Delivery: We normally make to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Pricing: Prices listed are retail to the public. Prices are subject to change with market conditions for mohair and hardware. You will be notified at time of order if prices have changed.

Resellers or dealers: Contact us for wholesale pricing.

To order, please call (509) 588-3348 or email

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